Our First Succes Story: Beñat & Aratz

Beñat Lopetegui and Aratz Irigaray become the first success story of the Sportmadness franchise model in just one year.

Of all the experiences that we have experienced since we launched our model of sports management franchise, without a doubt the most satisfactory is to have achieved success stories, that is, to see how entrepreneurs who have relied on Sportmadness have built, in a very short time, a business of profitable success and in full growth.

We would like to be able to attribute all the merit, but it is really yours. Thanks to their work and ability they have managed to achieve high turnover figures and, what is more important, to be able to live off their passion; the sport.


Beñat Lopetegi and Aratz Irigaray are two young Guipuzcoans, who left their promising professional careers to bet on Sportmadness. And they did it right at the beginning, becoming our first franchise. A bet that has paid off and that they redoubled at the beginning of 2018 when they acquired the exclusivity of their second zone; Álava.

During this first year they have worked for the City Council of Vitoria, Lasarte and Irura among others and have carried out projects such as the campus of the Real Sociedad player Miguel Ángel Moyá, as well as other campuses of first level players such as Ander Capa and Jon Gaztañaga. They have also managed events, mainly football, paddle and popular races.

In order to offer their services they have managed a team of more than 40 coaches, which is a challenge when it comes to making the most of each one of them and offering the best sports experience to its users.

All these projects have contributed to Beñat Lopetegi and Aratz Irigaray receiving the prize for the franchise with the highest turnover at the “Sportmadness Awards“, during the official II Kickoff of the brand.


Beñat and Aratz tell us more about their experience in Sportmadness

1. What would you highlight from your experience in Sportmadness?

The growth we have had since we started and have proven that with our work and the support that the Central team gives us, we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves.

2. . What gave you more fear at the beginning and how did you solve those problems?

At first everything scares. We had doubts if we were going to be able to achieve the success we wanted and if we could manage to live off this business. We also had doubts about how to market sports services, who to sell, how to manage meetings…

We solve it by working hard, learning from mistakes (committing them is inevitable) and asking the Central for all the doubts we had. They guided us and we executed.

In the end you realize that we are usually better than we think and that we often trust too little in oneself. Great things can be achieved with will and due support.


3. How is your day to day as a franchisee?

Every day is hard … but very fun. We love what we do. Being two we usually divide the tasks and we share the projects. We also make commercial proposals for the private sector and the public. An increasingly important part is team management, something we have had to learn quickly because of our youth.

In our day to day we also talk with the Central. There are always doubts that they solve us. And not only that, but also being part of a network like Sportmadness gives you access to the best practices carried out by other entrepreneurs of the group in different places and from which we can learn.

4. How do you see your future in Sportmadness?

For us this year is key. We have achieved a solid base and we are ready to take the step to the next level and continue to grow in billing, customers and make more important projects every time.

Our intention is to spend many years in Sportmadness, consolidate the business in our two exclusive areas and, above all, continue to enjoy living our passion.

Without a doubt, Sportmadness has the best possible representation in Guipúzcoa and Álava with Beñat Lopetegi and Aratz Irigaray. We are convinced that by maintaining the current level of work and customer service, your business will continue to grow and offer better sports services every day, strengthening its position as the first success story.

Are you also looking to enter the world of sports? Are you a sports manager but do you need a solid team to back you up?