The season starts!

At Sportmadness we keep learning together, working as a team and building successful business.

This is the best headline to sum up our II Kickoff, our annual meeting where we launch our yearly strategy and enjoy with our franchisees.


All our franchisees came to the Football City (Spain Soccer National Team Headquarter) with the goal to share best practices, experiences of the last season and listen to all the news for this season.

During the two days of the event, we were able to learn from experts from the sector such as Miguel Bullón, Alberto Fernández or Javier Bosch. At the same time, knowledge was shared among franchises through collaborative design thinking dynamics.

Of course we don’t forget about sport and there was time to share from football games to Crossfit, Fit-ball Padbol and other activities to encourage the connection of this great team.


The event was structured under 4 main themes.

1. Strategy Sportmadness 2018/19.

As a sports management company, we started the season sharing the vision and mission of Sportmadness, as well as the key objectives and results of each department.

From Marketing to Product, through Technology or Community, the objectives of each area were shared and discussed, in order to align forces with local strategies.


2. Inspiration from industry experts

Throughout the event, we brought the knowledge of sports such as Javier Bosch (CEO of NBN23 and Nagi Smartpool), Alberto Fernández (Director of Havas Sport Spain) and Miguel Bullón (CCO of NBN23). Thanks to them, we got to know the latest trends in sports sponsorship and technology applied to sports.


3. News 2018/19

During the event, several practical sessions were held on some novelties with which we are going to start the season. Among others, we highlight the official presentation of Letizzia, our sports activities management App, as well as new tools for sports management and project management for Sportmadness franchisees. An exciting section full of ambition to lead the sector.


“The Kick-Off format allows all Sportmadness franchisees to access great content for our daily work. A format with very well structured talks, with good presentations and facilitating the connection with the rest of the delegations. I am convinced that next year we will be more and better.” 

Andrés Calderón, delegate of Sportmadness Sevilla.

4. Know-how and experiences between Sportmadness delegations

The Sportmadness franchisees shared their experience through a design thinking dynamic in which processes and new product ideas were defined.

In addition, we were able to review the success stories to highlight last season, as well as celebrating the first edition of the “Sportmadness Awards“. Exciting sessions in which the experience in sports entrepreneurship and collaborative work predominated.


Are you also looking to enter the world of sports? Are you a sports manager but do you need a solid team to back you up?