How Marketing works at Sportmadness

The keys of the Marketing department in a sports management company.

Perhaps, marketing is the subject on which we have been writing the most within the business world in recent years. Especially in newly created companies, marketing works as one of the main growth drivers and where more resources are allocated.

That is why the strategic approach of this department requires clarity and consistency from the beginning, based on specific business objectives. That is why today, instead of digressing about theories, we are going to tell you about the marketing we do in Sportmadness in a practical way.


Strategy: the funnel

At Sportmadness we love creating processes, one of the tools which enables our business to be scalable. And marketing was not going to be different. For us marketing is divided into three parts, which make up the well-known marketing funnel.


In this phase we try to make our clients feel attracted by who we are, what we do and how we do it. We achieve this mainly with a solid but varied content plan, giving us visibility in search engines and social networks.

We generate from specialized articles in our sector, positioning them in Google for organic searches, up to aspirational images in order to expose the Sportmadness brand in social networks and digital media. But without a doubt, what works best in this phase is sharing your success stories, what we do through audiovisual content of our events, campuses and sports academies. The best: our customers are the first to help us viralizing it!

Another way of attracting new users, but this time by paying, would be the digital advertising campaigns on social networks. The targeting capabilities and interests segmentation possibilities of tools such as Facebook & Instagram Ads, all together with the little intrusiveness of sports content, makes advertising a perfect complement for the inbound marketing strategy.

What it is clear for us, is the need of generating the maximum of views and interactions with potential customers. The more interactions, the less it will take to be reminded.


Here the goal is that the person concerned about your activity becomes your client. The key at this stage is to offer an easy process to make a purchase, registration or resolution of doubts.

We are all used to buy, for example, at Amazon. At user level, we always demand our shopping experience (conversion) to be as simple and fast as possible, and this is what we try to apply in Sportmadness. If they are going to give you their money, it is the basic requirement, isn’t it?

For this, one of our main objectives in the last 3 months has been to establish a fast and intuitive website to enable the search of sports events and campuses, applying different payment or registration facilities. Client is the real “boss” and he decides how he prefers paying.

like (2)

First steps are tough and the last one will not be less. It is much easier to retain a client than attracting a new one. A client is a treasure. And as such, you have to take care of him/her.

That is why we have to be transparent with clients, offering them value repeatedly and knowing how to adapt your offer to their needs, which in many cases are changing over time.

For this, we use a recommeded and scalable tool, known as “marketing automation” through emailing tools and CRM. Being able to segment our customers by geographical area and by sports, the relevant content is practically guaranteed.


90% Digital

Our focus and area of ​​expertise is in the digital part. It is a measurable channel and in which we are comfortable. However, we are flexible in our approaches. Sometimes the most traditional marketing actions give great results.

Almost all our current franchisees have known us online and users who enjoy our sports activities, the same. However, everything adds up. Press appearances, physical advertising … everything has a value. Everything adds up while generating an interaction. In marketing happens something similar to finance, which is called compound growth or snowball effect. You have to generate views / impacts.

For our franchisees, we also offer a completely free support in order to develop advertising campaigns in different channels; Google AdWords, Instagram and Facebook Ads … These activities make it easier for them to capture users.

These actions, in addition to the positioning that we achieved through content and its dissemination in social networks, allow us to achieve a privileged positioning in search engines, especially in Google (yes, although it seems incredible there are more search engines than Google).

Challenges to come

In marketing, as it happens in sports, getting to your objective is not enough, it is necessary to maintain oneself. The demand is enormous and therefore, the upcoming challenges also are. Today our efforts are focused on the following points:

worldwide (1)

Being recognized as a leading brand in the sector and in all the geographies where we are. We will achieve this by offering the best experience and positioning our services in the market where we believe they should be, always competing in value and never in price.


Positioning in the first pages of Google. This is our commitment to our franchisees and our customers. We have to be there for anyone who wants to play sports in the best conditions. The challenge is bigger as we open to new countries and languages.


Social channels We are committed to providing quality content on a daily basis and growing our user base on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. The greater our community of sports lovers is, the more we can share and learn with their feedback.

In the end, you can do what you want, apply a thousand strategies and spend a lot of money, but most importantly, the best marketing you can do is offering the best experience to your customers and users. And that is our commitment.

What about you? Are you looking to start up your own sport business? Do you want to organize your own sporting events but you need a strong team to back you up?