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Sport Academies
Learning with high quality sport

We organize sports academies for educational institutions, town halls and clubs.

We have our own training method for more than 14 sports, defined by experts, and a clear and simple operational in order to facilitate all the processes.

We combine our methodology with technological tools that allow us to offer the best experience to users.

We work for groups of all ages; from 4 years old to older, always adapting the activity to the needs of each group.

_____ We are

Sport specialists
We work with a superior sport methodology
Classic Sports

Sports that we all know taken to the next level, both individual and team sports.

American Sports

Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Hockey… We bring together the most popular ones in USA. A trully great experience.

Smarts Sports

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Trends Sports

Sports that are becoming trendy worldwide and have come to stay with us.

_____ We rely on


Our experience managing sports has led us to do things more efficiently and quickly.

To achieve this, we have developed Letizzia, our own app that allows us to manage sporting activities by offering our customers all the details, as well as feeding users with useful information.







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I want to know more about Sportmadness Sport Academy

We have been doing this for many years, using a specific work method and training programs as well as excelent technological tools. Everything with the aim of ensuring the best experience for you and your users.

You can differentiate yourself in offering new sports and their specific method of training, as well as in the digital processes of registration, suscription and cancellation of users, or the use of your own management app, Letizzia. You can choose to stand out in everything or start small, you choose!

It is a modular service. You can implement the whole solution (recommended) or you can ask us to adapt to your specific needs. 

You may contact us through the contact form or getting in touch directly with the Sportmadness franchesee in your area. He or she will help you in analyzing the needs of your users and design a personalized offer for you, based on your experience and local knowledge.

We are ready. The start depends on you. You will analyze with our franchesee the needs of your students. You will work together in the setting of ambitious objectives as well as in the configuration of the sports program, adjusted to the needs of your users, with a real calendar.



I consent the treatment of my data for the following purposes.

The person in charge of data processing, Sportmadness Expansión, with CIF (VAT): B87745675 and address: C / Chile nº10, 28232 Las Rozas, Madrid; receives the consent of the user to keep the data recorded here for a period of 6 years from the end of the activity, in order to manage the registration in activities as well as the implementation and monitoring of these. The planned data transfers correspond to companies of the Sportmadness group, public institutions and companies related by contract with the activity. Extended information in www.sport-madness.com or through the Data Protection Officer dpo.sportmadness@lock4data.es.