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Sport Events
We love sport events.

We design and organize sport events, both our own and for our clients; town halls, companies and brands.

The events we organize are diverse and any sport may be involved. All of them have a common denominator; a clear and well-defined operational methodology.

We have a team of specialists in designing sport events according to the specific needs of our clients and their objectives.

Events based on quality
We are experts in creating sport events
All the events that we organize, both for our clients and those we do with our own brand, have something in common:
Clear Operational

Although each event has its own characteristics, we follow a project management methodology that guarantees a solid base on which to build.

We are user centric

Everything starts and ends in the user. We want to surprise him in each event, that’s why we study and analyze in detail user’s needs.


Of course all the registration, payment and management processes are digital and automated to improve the user experience from step one.

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Success Stories
Soccer-7 WorldCup

Can you imagine a soccer tournament with real teams from different nationalities, with their equipements and defending their colors? Well that’s what we did for Fútbol Factory.

Paddle-tennis Tournament

Hero Pádel is a brand of paddel-tennis equipement. We created a tournament to make the brand known among players of all ages, both male and female.

Color Festival “The Race”

Watch the video to feel what we are talking about. An authentic party plenty of colors where sport, music and family together created an unforgettable experience.

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I want to create my event with Sportmadness

We are experts in creating unique experiences for sports lovers. We make the user to feel our events, putting his needs at the center of the organization, in direct contact with your brand and ensuring the best quality with our proven project management methodology. In this way, we achieve a constant interaction from the user with your products, at any time of the sport experience.

We take care of everything. We design with you a strategy to impact users with your brand before, during and after the event. Subsequently, we organize and execute the sport event, focusing on maintaining the highest quality in favor of user’s experience. Our digital processes of user acquisition and registration are a key element.

The closest Sportmadness franchisee to your area. Our expert will take care of the whole project, from the design of the connection strategy with the user, to the organization and execution of the event. It will give you personalized support, being able to review directly with him or her any adjustment in user’s experience.

We are ready. The start depends on you. You will work with our franchisee in the setting of ambitious objectives and in the configuration of the sport event, adjusted to the needs of your brand and your target user, through concrete actions.



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